In 2012 I applied for the Great British Bake Off. I often say in response to the phrase “what’s the worst that can happen”, that someone says yes to you and you have to do whatever you have applied for!

Joking aside the Bake Off experience in 2013 reignited my love of the kitchen. It is easy to lose creativity in the machinations of a household and family: the bake off helped me find it again.

When cooking and baking I prefer to stick to a simple formula that everything I create should be a naturally occurring food; I am not a fan of ultra-processed products.

I thoroughly enjoy creating memories with food. Hopefully the images on this page will inspire you to contact me so I can help you create a memory.

Deborah’s instagram feed is via the link below

A rural wedding in a barn. The flowers are all edible and reflect those used throughout the wedding.

The cake is quite simple: lemon cake, lemon syrup, lemon curd and lemon meringue buttercream. The effect of layering a simple flavour gives it depth.

Sweet shortcrust pastry tarts filled with white chocolate mousse, topped with summer berries and a raspberry glaze that offsets the sweetness of the filling.

Who does not like a pillowy, soft hot cross bun?

Crisp, hot water crust pastry surrounding breakfast on the go! Includes egg, bacon, pork, tomato and thyme

Croquembouche made during my time at Leith’s with 3 other students. The crisp, light buns are oozing with caramel crème pâtissière and secured to each other with caramel and decorated with pop corn.

Gluten free chocolate cake, covered with a chocolate glaze and finished with a sprinkling of almond praline.

Millefeuille filled with vanilla mascarpone and passion fruit gel. Served with fresh mango

Canapés for two:

Sable biscuit with cheese and chive flowers

Sage and onion tarte tatin

Beetroot meringue with horseradish cream